Luck Drop

Luck Drop - made of waterstone +1 benny per scene


Luck Drop: made of waterstone, +1 benny per scene.


Reaver laid back resting his head against one arm as he considered the object in his hand.

He couldn’t remember life before the gladiator pits when he earned food and a place to sleep as a muck boy. The others called him “fish head” or “seaweed” and while he was clearly not the same as the men around him, he didn’t feel different inside. The object was the only thing he knew he had from wherever he’d come from.

It was a stone, smooth and nearly translucent. When placed against something else it took on the neighboring color like the lizards did when sunning themselves on the hot stones of the Coliseum. The strangest thing was that he always had it in hand when he wanted it but he didn’t have to carry it or put it away. It just… was.

For a long time, he’d felt like it was an oddity that he might sell some day when he was free but over time he got the distinct notion that the Drop as he called it was with him for a reason. Sometimes it seemed to be helping him, making him just enough quicker to finish a fight or dodge a blade.

And if it really was a clue to his past, he might want that someday.

Luck Drop

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