Cor Leonis

This cat will kick your ass


Race: Litorian (Ptolus) XP: 65
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d4, Spirit d8, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Skills: Fighting (Agi) d10 , Notice (Sm) d4, Stealth (Agi) d8, Ki [Faith] (Sp) d10, Intimidation (Sp) d8 Throw (Agi) d6 Survival (Sm) d8 (due to Hunting Lodge)
Charisma: -2; Pace: 6 Bennies: 3


  • Racial: Proud (Vengeful-minor)
  • Racial: Outsider (replaces Code of Honor from Slipstream)
  • Clueless [Politics] (major) [aspects of former Code of Honor hindrance]
  • Minor – Vow – Kill Orcs
  • Minor – everything reminds him of his slaughtered tribe


  • Low Light Vision
  • Retractable Claw Str + d6
  • Size +1
  • Stealth d6


  • Ambidextrous
  • AB (Ki – as Miracles) – 2 Powers & 10PPs
  • [Ring] Arcane Resistance +2
  • At One With Nature – Rapid Recharge in Forested Areas [Lodge]
  • Reputation – Add Chr Bonus to Intimidation rolls in Forested Areas [Lodge]

Powers 20 PPs

  • Deflection (2PP)
  • Boost Trait (2PP)
  • Quickness (4PP)


  • Claws: Fighting d10 Damage d8 + d6
  • Cats Claws (throwing axes): Throwing d6 Damage d8 + d6
  • Parry: 6 [+ 2/4 from Deflection, + 1/2 from Boost Trait Fighting] Toughness: 10 (3 – Plate Chest, Chain (+ 2) elsewhere) [+ 1/2 Boost Vigor]

Lodge Benefits

  • Lodge itself
  • Survival +1 die
  • At One With Nature – Rapid Recharge in Forested Areas
  • The Hunter – Reputation – Add Chr Penalty to Intimidation rolls in Forested Areas

N5: Adept [Deflection]
N10: Str d8
N15: Two-Fisted
S20: Agility d10 [Also Adept upgrades to allow Boost Trait, Parry +1]
S25: Fighting d10/Throwing d10
S30: PP 15
S35: New Power – Quickness
V40: Spirit d8 [Also Adept upgrades to allow Smite, when picked up]
V45: Elan
“Key ruling on Adept”!
V50: PP20
V55: New Power – Smite
Veteran Respec: Throw to d6; Survival to d8
H60: Vigor d8
Heroic Respec: Throw to d4; Intimidation to d8
H65: Ki – d10
H70: Fighting d12 (Parry +1)

=-=-= — Need to Work in Damage Field – Nasty!; Probably should get Notice up sometime :)

H75: PP25

L80: PP30 (may have to re-up Vigor…)
L90: Professional Fighting d12+1
L100: Attribute increase
L110: May have to work in Iron Claws (our home brew – spend PPs and get AP on claws) and Combat Reflexes with the change in Shaken recovery
L120: Rapid Recharge?
L130: Professional Fighting d12+2


Cor’s small tribe was wiped out by Orcs when he was out on the hunt. He has since vowed to give no quarter to Orcs. He signed on with House Hyde as they are a border barony that frequently scuttles with the orcs.

Background event Battle- tribe wiped out
Goal – security
Motivation – hatred
Vitual – humbleness – by the defeat
Vice- prejedidice

G$ – Mor – Elvish archer / assassin
Dugger – jeron Rivers – bastard twin – assassin/mage
Jo – axe – axe fighter
Big Dog – robert rivers – bastard twin – fire mage/ fighter

Kanuni za Heshima = Code of Honor (swahili)

Cor Leonis

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