Captain Reaver

A Deepman Pirate....sort of


Race: Deepman (Dark Ages and Dragon Gods) XP: 40
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Skills: Fighting (Agi) d12 , Notice (Sm) d6, Stealth (Agi) d8, Taunt (Sm) d8, Swimming (Agi) d6
Charisma: –2 outside of Florence; Pace: 6 Bennies: 4 (Magic Item: Luck Drop)
Hindrances: Life Debt (mi – Frost), Slave Born (mi), Heroic (Maj)


  • Shard Sword (Str + d8 +1 ); Rapier (str + d4 damage, +1 Parry),
    To hit: Fighting + 1 if opponent has no shield (Florentine), and +1 for the Shard Sword
    Parry: 10 (2 + Fight/2 + Acrobat + Rapier), -2 to Counterattack if missed, -1 for others to Gang Up (Florentine)
    Toughness: 8 (2 – chain vest)
  • Flaming Scimitar (large) (Str + d10 + chance for fire )
    To hit: Fighting
    Parry: 8 (2 + Fight/2 + Acrobat -1 THW), -2 to Counterattack if missed, -1 for others to Gang Up (Florentine)
    Toughness: 8 (2 – chain vest)


  • Luck Drop (+1 Bennie)
  • Boots – Extraction Edge
  • Gloves – Wall Walking


  • Two Fisted
  • Ambidextrous

Other Racial

  • Hates Elves
  • Warlike (d6 Fighting)
  • Aquatic (d6 Swim, cannot drown)
  • Must be in water 1 hour per 24 or Fatigue. Can lead to death
  • Clueless about the Above Water World (-2 Common Knowledge)


  • Race: see above
  • 2 minor Hindrances advance: Agility to d8
  • Major Hindrance advance: Florentine
  • 5XP: Str d8
  • 10XP First Strike
  • 15 XP Acrobate (+2 Agility checks/Tricks, +1 Parry)
  • 20 XP Spirit d8
  • 25 XP Counter Attack
  • 30 XP Elan
  • 35 XP Combat Reflex (+2 to recover from Shaken)
  • 40 Vigor d8
  • 45
  • 50
  • 55
  • 60 Str d10

Born into slavery, The Dread Pirate Reaver, or Captain Reaver (his real name is unpronouncable and long forgotten) has fought in the Florence Gladiator Pits for most of his life. He has always been portrayed as a foul Pirate. He was a crowd favorite due to his flamboyant fighting style and acrobatic maneuvers. Recently, he was bought and set free by a person named Frost. While the masses still recognize him on the street, his fame is quickly fading. Soon he will just be another ex-slave on the streets to the masses.

Note – Reaver has never actually been on a boat other than short jaunts around Florence. But he still maintains the gaudy clothes the pirate talk just cause people will still accept him around the city.

Captain Reaver

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