Rogues Gallery

Silver Willow Pass
All this fuss over a bucket of water

The Further Tales of Yoshi and Yamato!

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Since our last adventure, Yamoto has added some special ingrediants to his Saki to increase the potency of his equipement (PPs to 15). Yoshi has been toughening himself to better fight on in combat (Nerves of Steel).

We continued our trek to the Red Temple to deliver the scroll. The Monk Magumi and Jho (“Joe”) still accompany Yoshi and I.

Return of Shinzu Ginzen
Adventure hooks are easy when Hindrances are Heroic and Curious

Yamato (Ganso) & Yoshi (Ronin)


The Old Tea House is the scene where once again The Three call upon us for a service. Mizzy (one who may be centuries old) asks us to go to Great Moutain in Sorimizu, to the Red Temple. We are to deliver a scroll to a monk there, wait for answer. An odd task for Kesshi, but the quest for knowledge is a crooked path, as they say.

The Tanners Brother - Part 2

As the nights pass, the gang war rages across the city of Ptolus. City leaders decry the thugs and hooligan criminals but they keep their head-knockers out of the way. Better to let two monsters fight it out and then come in to take care of the pieces.

Dorrel and Ava were sitting in a small tower above a jewelry shop. The owner, Tavel Wren, was very anxious to not be brought into the fight, so Dorrel and Ava are in disguise. Below them was the small square the locals called the pond as water would remain for days after a rain due to the poor drainage. On the far side of the pond was a group of Killravens, also on neutral territory.

Squinting, Dorrel noticed something odd. “They aren’t a strike team. Most of them are carrying tools. I bet they’re moving their boss again and are ready to reinforce wherever he lands. This might be a real opportunity.”

Secret of the Stars
Time for a signature move!

Session 1

We find our Kesshi, Yamato the Ganso & Yoshi (Ronin), wandering the streets of Zuiichi, the capital of Iskusa Kokoro, the center of the Empire. The tale told from the point of view of Yamato.

The Tanners Brother - Part 1

First use of adventure deck
Pact lords w/ killraven
Gang war! We did good, rest not so well.
We rocking in the war. If we would have had a few dwarves, it probably would be over!
Invite back to onyx spider for another tattoo.
Expanded 3rd eye into eye of Horus.
This grants Boost Trait 1/session for 3 rounds.

Shivvel Me Timbers! Part 2

.Cram missing
.captains quarters

Shivvel Me Timbers! Part 1

Initiated into the family.
The first mark given in the back room of the Onyx Spider
- Mirgraine gets the 3rd eye
- ogre gets tattoo of himself
- dorral symbol of stone
- brothers name over Ava heart
- radar awareness and str to fight death, but a reminder that we serve the family and each other (within 30’) of one other.
- hard to kill edge
+1 to common know about The Fam

The Meeting
Here Rabbit, Rabbit...ah! Quicksand!

“Mmmm, rabbit. Come to Phoenix. Ahh! Damn Stirges!” I was stumbling through the fetid swamps of Greywash Mire, in search of food and safety. I found neither on the hot, grimy morning. “Where all these things come from? Where rabbit go? Ah, there he is!” Then a splash. “Stupid swamp. Who put quicksand in middle of road!?!”


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