Rogues Gallery

Shivvel Me Timbers! Part 2

.Cram missing
.captains quarters

Shivvel Me Timbers! Part 1

Initiated into the family.
The first mark given in the back room of the Onyx Spider
- Mirgraine gets the 3rd eye
- ogre gets tattoo of himself
- dorral symbol of stone
- brothers name over Ava heart
- radar awareness and str to fight death, but a reminder that we serve the family and each other (within 30’) of one other.
- hard to kill edge
+1 to common know about The Fam

The Meeting
Here Rabbit, Rabbit...ah! Quicksand!

“Mmmm, rabbit. Come to Phoenix. Ahh! Damn Stirges!” I was stumbling through the fetid swamps of Greywash Mire, in search of food and safety. I found neither on the hot, grimy morning. “Where all these things come from? Where rabbit go? Ah, there he is!” Then a splash. “Stupid swamp. Who put quicksand in middle of road!?!”


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