Keth "The Betrayer" Shard Sword

The sword Sandman used to dice up Hazara

weapon (melee)

Keth “The Betrayer” Shard Sword
Mundane, Long sword

+ 1 to hit, + 1 damage (clear blade is hard to see and dodge, edge is very sharp and cuts deeper, but not magical)
Damage: Str + d8 +1


Story: Shard weapons are very rare and crafted from crystal only by Sandmen. The sword was borne by Keth out of the sands of the Sahara on his journey through the Empire. It has defended Romans and Christians alike. If looked at closely, the blade has the faintest tinge of blood red in the crystal. As it gets used more, it will gain more. (A blood red crystal sword would have slain hundreds.)

Reaver acquired this sword from Keth the Sandman, who nearly slew Hazara in an act of betrayal.

Keth "The Betrayer" Shard Sword

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