Reavers Boots

A pair of leather boots dyed green.


Description: A pair of leather boots dyed green.
Benefit: You feel like you were at your top form, fast and light on your feet.
(OOC: Extraction (requirements: N, A d8) Ignore one foe’s free attack when withdrawing from melee with an Agility roll)
Curse: And finally she turns to Reaver, her face becoming a school of fish. “The man of fish… shall never be quenched.” Phobia (Major) – Reaver now has a terrible fear of thirst and will drink anything he comes across: water, liquor, wine, horse-trough water, scummy pond water, … If he sees it he at least drinks several swallowfuls (1 round distraction in a potential combat situation, possible effects of what is drunk – illness, drunken, etc.)


Reavers Boots

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