Pensieve Armor

+1 on Psionics Roll


Leather Armor with +1 to Skill (Psionics).
+1 Armor value

Value = Leather + $2000


Dorrel walks into the entry hall that contains Grunt, a former comrade that was turned to stone by a Beholder. Lost in thought, he “hears” Migraine say to him, seemingly in his mind “Glorious Hatch Day to you, Rock Brother!”

Dorrel steams for a moment. Humans have this wild rumor that Dwarves, being kin of the earth, are “hatched” from spherical rocks that can be found in the strata. So instead of saying “Happy Birthday”, humans will say something silly like “Happy Hatch Day” to a Dwarf.

Dorrel turns and looks about for Migraine, and even calls out to him. The area is quiet, other than a low frequency humming sound from the statue. Looking up, he notices Migraine’s leather armor floating there. Migraine has been working with the armor since the battle with The Ghoul. He has added red trimming to the armor, the base of which appeared to Dorrel to be from ground rubies!

Shaking his head, Dorrel is about to move on when Migraine walks in. “Hey, whats with the Hatch Day crack?! I thought you were smarter than the rest of the humans!” growls Dorrel.

Migraine pauses for a moment, cocks his head and looks up to the floating armor for a second. “Ah, that’s right. Congratulations! So you heard it?”

Dorrel, perplexed, is about to go off on Migraine. “Listen, I don’t know what you are trying to pull, but silly ventriloquist tricks will not save ye from me and me cousins!”

Migraine "excellent, that means the Pensieve is active and the Transference is complete!

“Eh?” grunts Dorrel, resting his hand on his Axe.

“Ah, let me explain. It is good we are here to discuss this. Grunt inspired the idea, actually.”

“Grunt INSPIRED an idea?” Dorrel looked incredulously at Migraine.

“Why yes. Did you ever admire Grunt’s fighting ability? Sure, he was a large beast built to be good at it. But there was more to that. He had the wonder of an uncluttered mind!” exclaimed Migraine. “You see, Grunt had few things in his mind to distract him from his tasks. Morality, responsibility, social norms, and random thoughts just did not reside in his massive brain. It was all focused on survival, and he was very good at that. I dare say without him, we all would be stone!”

“Well, yeah, that makes some sense. So what does that have to do with the Hatch Day crack” said Dorrel, getting his dander back up.

“I did some research and found that with using a ruby base, I could create a psionic matrix that holds a bit of my consciousness and some of these more cluttering thoughts, such as dates of Hatching and birth. That leaves my mind free to focus on my psionics without the interferance of all the clutter of our day to day lives! My spark of consciousness must have sensed you, searched the information in the matrix, and came up with an appropriate response! Over time, the link between the Pensieve and myself will strengthen and become instantaneous thought transference!” says Migraine as he brings the leather armor down to him with a thought. “I must don the armor and begin further testing!” Migraine excitedly leaves the room.

Dorrel stands there am moment, trying to take in everything Migraine just said. “Damn it! I was not Hatched!!”

Pensieve Armor

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