Zemphyr "The Boz" Bozworth

Drow MU with an attitude


The Boz.

The Boz is a Drow Magic User (as they were called in those days) that rose to great heights. He left the Underdark because…well…we did not have to worry about such backstories in those days.

I recall his first adventure ended with the group robbing a bank. Boz snuck out to retrieve a wagon (a forerunner of the WarWagon™ mentioned under Jammin Jamel while the rest of the group gathered up the coin. A constable wondered by and was dragged into the bank by Mike Adam’s fighter (lets call him Hawk :) ). The chase was on — the fighters holding off the town guard whilst the rest of use were loading up the ricketty wagon. It was a hot chase. I believe we had to eventually dump the gold in order to get away :cry:

As mentioned in another thread, this group eventually merged with another. Eddie van Haven (another great Mark PC) and The Boz formed a great but untrusting team. As part of the quest to recover the Axe of Darkness, the group went through the Queen of the Demonweb Pits module, as modified by Craig Cooley. One of the most memorial battles that I can recall occurred in that adventure — a rain of fireballs from both sides (thank goodness Craig forgot about the SR of the drow…).

Eventually, the race for the Axe of Darkness cut between Eddie and The Boz like a hot woman through a gang of men; Eddie and Boz were forced to fight over the Axe (which I believe The Boz won). However, the group did have the satisfaction of kill Stod along the way. A great campaign.

An additional item from Mark:
The thing that I remember about this is that at some point a guard confronted Boz about the wagon. I don’t remember why (maybe it was just the old 1E world where the MU only had one spell), but you decided to throw a dagger. Then you looked at the character sheet and saw your THAC0. It was something like, “Oh well, I’ll do it anyway” and then you rolled a 20. I think we were using the crit table from the old Best of Dragon v3 and the guard was dead.


Zemphyr "The Boz" Bozworth

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