Phoenix (Kurikai)

Typical 1/2 Orc Barbarian 3.5 D&D


Phoenix (Kurikai)

1/2 Orc Barbarian 12

Phoenix was born into a human tribe of barbarians known as the Ravens. Six months earlier (the Orc babies develop quickly), an orc tribe (Bloody Arrows) had lured the warriors of the tribe away and sacked the villiage. A number of 1/2orcs were born as a result. The tribe was split over what to do. The current chief took a risk and let the children grow up. They were given the name Phoenix (hoping for great things from a tradegy)until they reached their naming age (14).

As the group approached their naming age, the old chieftain died. The new chief had always felt the children should be killed. He was not strong enough in his power to kill the children. So, he exile them.

The children had it rough. Secret raids by those loyal to the chieftain and a hard winter dwindled the group to just one. It was at this time that fate intervined and Phoenix encounters a group of strangers…

Phoenix has been rampaging through Jed’s campaign, which has included various planes of existance. He finally met his match against a Marilith (a CR 17 critter…), and his Greataxe (“BloodDrinker”, a +1 Greataxe of Wounding) the group through the titanic battle.

Phoenix’s first love is a good fight closely followed by strong drink. He is also a champion of the underdog, but he does not let this “softness” be widely known.


Phoenix (Kurikai)

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