Don Fernando

I am Don Fernandoooooo! Lover and Swordsman extraordinaire!


A man of humble beginnings (he and his side-kick Colinn started as two groups of three NPCs — ABC and D(on)EF, Don eventually stole the show in the Esterra campaign. He left a trail of broken hearts and promises across the continent. A dashing character that was eternally in search of the ElvenPartyMachine (patent pending), Don found himself cavorting around with an odd set of characters that helped free the Elves of Skyreach Forest (the survivors known as Crucifari Elves) and slaying of a Balrog. Even the recovery of a humongous DemonBrain Gem™ from a slain Balrog did not change him, he eventually spent it all to build his own palace in Ramal. Don was also key in securing several alliances to ward off a huge threat to Ramal (Big Dog – do you remember the details of that netgame? Don came in a bit late).

Don is pure shallow and fun. I recall having to get into character about 4:00pm on gaming nights just to be in the proper Fernando state of mind. I am sure he will be making an appearance in the current PBP game.


Don Fernando

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