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The War (pt 1)

Fun after the Feast

[Mark, please correct any names as needed – I have put them in [] and all caps if I was not sure of the right name]

“Humans…” muttered Cor. Johnnson slowly tried to back away so as not to draw Cor’s attention. Turning to face Johnnson, “For the life of me, I cannot not understand why you humans always want to fight each other in these big battles. If you want to rule, you should challenge the chieftain to a duel. It saves your people to fight orcs. So what are you people thinking?!?”

“Er, well….” squeaked Johnnson. But he realized he did not have to answer. The Litorian seemed to be speaking as much to himself as to him. Then Sloth, one of Jeran’s men, came up and whispered something to Cor.

“Get your horse, Johnnson. Try to keep up.” Cor did not appear eager to wait for any question.

Johnnson, Sloth, and Cor headed north by northwest, on a road through the outskirts of the forest. At first Johnnson through they might be going to the Lodge, but Cor continued on the way. This would be the route that Houses Danbury and Dulver would take to return to their lands. It does not look like the [DANBURIES] made it. “I take it this is not good for Robert” said Cor, looking at Sloth. Sloth shook his head. This would be bad. After a short time, they came upon another ambush site in the forest off the main path. Men in Silverhyde armor. Cor did not recognize their scent from the Silverhydes he had met. Then Cor saw a second trail cutting through the woods. While the first one even Johnnson could follow, this one was subtle.

“Johnnson, we go.” While Sloth was backtracking and investigating both ambush scenes, Cor quickly pressed on deeper into the forest. How can someone so big move so fast yet not make a sound was perplexing to Johnnson. If Cor was smaller, he would have no chance of following the hunter. After many hours, Johnnson could barely move from the exertion of the day. Cor looked like he had just awoken refreshed and ready to go. They were at the northwest tip of the forest – the old tower. It appeared there were a score of men about. Cor had that look in his eye, a look that would probably get Johnnson killed. But then more troops arrived. After about an hour, most of the troops headed out on horseback to the east, likely to Silverhyde lands. Mostly heavy knights, but some light cavalry as well. “Lets leave them a message for when they get back, eh Johnnson?”

It was quick and bloody. The [DULVER] men remaining in the tower stood no chance. Johnnson had stayed outside and heard the screams. Given the amount of screaming, it would not surprise Johnnson that Cor’s feline heritage of toying with their prey was at work. Cor then walked out of the gate as if he simply was on a stroll. “Let see if we can get a few of these horsemen before they get to Heldren. I know a short cut!”

Johnnson could barely watch as Cor tore into sizable scouting unit of light cavalry. It was not only because of the ferocity, but Johnnson was just exhausted from the breakneck travel. Hopefully, they could pull back and rest a bit. “We must get back to Robert. The fun is over for now.”

“Fun! Are you fracking kidding me!?! You crazy cat, I am not moving an inch!” thought Johnnson. But fortunately, they did come back to where his horse was. Sloth seemed to have given up waiting for them. But he was so tired he nearly fell out of his saddle a couple of times on the way back.


Four days later Johnnson was lying exhausted in the cellar of the blacksmith in Heldren. As the disorganized forces arrayed against Robert tried to take the town and surround the Tower, Cor had come out of the Tower with a small group to take the fight to Robert’s enemies. When Johnnson had asked “why are we going out there to fight?” Cor shrugged and answered “I need some room to maneuver. Besides, you humans all look alike to me and I want to be killing the right ones.” That was a bit less than reassuring. But Cor was a demon on the field. Those that were not shredded by Cor were feathered by Mor. Johnnson merely had to help funnel enemies to Cor and it was over for them. By the third day of fighting, whatever part of Helden Cor stalked generally was tense with fear. By day four, they did not even have to get back to the Tower. The enemy steered well clear of Cor’s area. Johnnson and his men focused on getting the remaining townsfolk out of danger.

“Johnnson, get ready. They come again.” But much more fighting remained. Robert’s enemies were many, it appeared.


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