Rogues Gallery

The Nine Fingers Fan

Nizumiiru… One of the 3

* Meet the other pcs for the night. Rory’s first session.
* Digger . Ninja. Katso
* Big dog. Samurai. tree trunk
* Rory. Samurai. Something dragon
* Yoshi is stoned on a experimental sake
* Go to Inan. Fed ex. A warfan from the previous dynasty
* Arata is the contact
* go by warhorse and wagon.
* Streetwise, rory gets multiple raises. Used to be in the military.has raised the black-market in this area. Raised failed since they were always tipped off. Run by 9 fingers (yakuza). Tough guys.
* We might separate the samurai from ninja and ganzo.
* Magist hanario. Woman, here because she spoke out, but is still favored by the lord.
* In the market, we notice that there is Arata. Missing
* The samurai visit the magistrate, they seem to have more honor than locals.
* She has not heard of Arata.
* They set up shop there.
* Back at the market, streetwise. They have heard of him, but not for a few weeks. He is from the other side of the mountains.
* Samauri in the market. Someone tries to cut their purse (caught). 7 year old. Missing left pinkie. Now, a duel…but it dissipates. The ninja tracks the 9 fingers in he crowd. There is a particular stall selling drugs.
* Night passes.

* The sake wagon…

* Next morning. At the inn, Nobo. We are off.
* To a house. Very nervous. An older woman. Arata, been in a fight. Special sake heals some. 9 fingers stole it. Do you have any enemies? None immediately.
* Big dog wins the sparing over Rory.
* We plot. Initial stake to understand their escape patterns. Rory back trying to fix the local samauri
* She will not let those two weak samurai fight for us. Political reasons
* 9 fingers basically hang at the sake house. One guy goes into the foothills
* Yamato makes an attachment to the rail gun the fires out a net ( Gadgeteer)
* The samauri will go to the stall and shake things up.

* Big dog opens with a decapitation
* Yamato drops one.
* The armor of the samauri protects them as they cut up the 9 fingers.
* Yamato takes another down. Ninija sneaks.
* Some guy joins the fight on our side
* Yamato kills yet another…
* Ninja shirking… Hits And shakes
* Rory kills his.
* Big captures the last.
* Satoshi .. He hates the thieves. They take half.
* Interrogation
* Fan with Sorro
* Also a set of caves to stash loot.

* To the caves.
* Ambush, they miss badly. Yamato draws a 2 of clubs and a Joker :) one dead ambusher.
* Big charges into the cave. Shakes one
* they fire ineffectiely
* Ninja moves up to shirking, no effect.
* rory steps into e heart of the fray. They in both have first strike. Armor protects. Shakes one
* Yamato steps up and hits. The Void finishes him off (Eeeevil)
* More deeper in the cave.
* Big dog slices one up
* Then draws joker…big hit, shakes
* Yamato finishes him off.
* Enemy ineffective

* Then a big ass Oni shows up
* He sweeps his guys and our samauri
* Skewers big dog 8 wounds. Dead. But action card … Clone
* ninja kills lackey
* Yamato uses the net on the Oni. Raise!
* Ninja on hold
* Rory wild attacks, 17 damage, 1 wound
* Clone pops up and does 21 damage…soaks 1 wound. 2 total
* With a Bennie, the ONI breaks free to attack…but a card stuns everyone. Ninja
* Yamato . Still shaken and no bennies
* Rory, same.
* Ninja, called shot. +2 damage… Still absorbed
* Big. Still shaken… damage
* ONI on the rampage…sweeps with a raise… Big shake and wound, rory same
* Samauri still Got off shaken, but not act
* ONI hits, rory takes a shake
* Yamato hits, but not beat toughness
* Ninja agility trick…success
* Big wild attacks… Shakes
* Yamato called shot and kills!

And we get the war fan.

XP 40 Rep 27


amerigoV amerigoV

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