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The Helmet

Return of the Empire

First time in a long time.

XP 50
Rep 35

Hmmm, do I need to add Elan to the Advancement for Yamato?

Gun: 20
Still: 20
Ring: 10 (5)
Megume: 20 (18)
Adventure Cards
Mike – Extra Damage, Pick Up entry Edge
Mine – Ace (auto hit with a raise), Power Surge (PPs back)

Start out in a temple – Central country – out and away from the Capital
4 minions Jho, Bho, Mho, and Lahry, +Megume
In Media Res
The Olde Man –  Was a temple dedicated to the Olde Ways…looks like the very one ways given the boney folks. We are looking for a ceremonial Helmet
Megume prayed in the circle to find the helmut, but sensed something else. Then these dudes appeared.
Yoshi first strike, shatters a skeleton
Some evil Necromancer casts Fear… but we are battle hardened veterans. He steps into a circle
Megume Divine Favor on Yoshi, imbuing him with an ancient holy warrior spirt (Champion Edge)
Yamato Ring of Thorns to section off some of the attackers
Dog moves to Yoshi and is First Strike
Skeletons are Shaking our Extras
Yoshi and Extras
Extras takes one down, shakes one
Yoshi on the big Skeleton…smash!! Makes an end run for the Necro
Round 2
Yamato – Empowered Bold 2 wounds
Megume wild attacks a skeleton and smashes it
Extras get a few Shakens, one breaks off to intercept Yoshi … First Strike — obliterated….
Extras Take down some Skeletons 
Yoshi runs up to the Necro, the Circle weakens his attack… 
Necro – comes off Shaken… Puppet!  Yoshi has to spend a Bennie to overcome.
Round 3
Extras kill one skeleton and rush up to help Yoshi
Yoshi Kills the Necro!
Necro’s name …. Onimuar
A court wizard executed for Treason years ago. Before the Iron Dynasty.
Local Warlord guys
So we dig around to find out what is going on at this temple
Megume thinks a Corruption in the temple led to the creation of this Foulness.
Some old priest markings on some of the skeletons
Temple abandoned as their ways are out of favor
Scrolls on the Necro

In Search of the Corruption

There is a hole in the wall, into a cave. Hole looks recently created
A dragon statue overlooks a water entry. Dead bodies. Glowing water’
The statue Waivaan – Lessor, ugly dragon. Wyvernish. The Gloam is another name – associated with the Veil between the world and Afterworld
Bodies are dead less than a week. Arranged in sacrificial pattern. Likely to raise them as zombies. Might be more holy
We recall now from our travels here that a Sleeping Sickness had struck the area. Monks went off to investigate. Monks of the Olde Way. Sleeping Sickness eventually leads to Coma
The water may have something to do with the sacrifice
Water level looks like it was higher in the past. Only a trickle comes out of the mouth of the statue. It only glows when it hits the pool.
Taking a cup of water…it glows but fades after a few minutes. Does not glow if directly collected from statue…pool is the source of the glow
We all know the helmet is in the Pool :)
Glows brighter at head, but does glow throughout
One of the Extra’s recognizes a body – Magistrate Myu – He would NOT wear this garb — he is of a finer sensibilites.
There are a number of bodies that are not “Monks”
Townfolk mixed — some tried to care for those with sickness, other abandoned in the woods nearby.
Village name is  Jaijan
Dredge the water – found two interesting spots.
Dip a body in the water…the pool really lights up! Some color comes back to the hand.
Yoshi throws the Magistrate into the Pool
Pool is like Sunlight…seems to knit wounds back together. Megume thinks we should get the body out. He can do a ritual that might revive the Magistrate.
Yoshi pulls the body out. The Magistrate starts to Gasp  for Air.
Yamato tries to help him, but (1/1). The Sake and the water does NOT mix well — Zombie!
It takes a free swing at Yamato, but does not beat toughness. Yoshi chops it.
We try another as Yamato thinks it was the Sake / Water mix.
We save this one…
Name Raitoro – Farmer
From Jaijan
Attacked in middle of the night. Just in the hut
Did NOT have the sleeping sickiness – daughter did.
Village was attacked. Date was a week ago (3 or 4 days later we came through)
Nightmare – pile of bones attacked
Yamato keeps Raitoro from throwing the Magistrate in the Pool (the guy hated the Magistrate – WON opposed strength)
The rough areas are two small statues – they face each other under water.
Saved 4/5 of the others
Nodan the Farmer says a guy showed up with Skeletons and was marched here. Others were knocked out. Carried by the Monk guys. They then opened the wall — it was opened from the Church into the cave
Their prayers increased the water flow (it was almost empty)
One of the skeletons was ordered in and it shattered the skeleton. (note the Monks were alive then). The Necro got pissed off and basicallly killed everyone 
So Necro  wanted to come back to life, but Monks either did not give it to him or he misread what the powers could do.

We search the rest of the temple — each corner has different stonework (probably the hole in the wall was the same).
Megume OK with digging out the other 3 corners. Needs to find out what is going on
Other 3 are the same, but one has Red Water, another Blue, and the last is another Shade of Green.
The Necro might have been looking for the Red one. The other two he is unsure of their purpose
We do find the Helmet in the Other Green Room.

We throw the Necro in the Red Pool
The body revives
Onimaur is living again
Book was unclear (“dragon in the corner”). Witch King has the book back (the country the north – island)
The Deal – Murdered many years ago – the Witch King found me because of my rage.
Witch King offered book in exchange for investigating fallen areas such as this Temple for lost magics
The Helmet was one of the things. Warfan, set of Armor, Masks worn by Samuri (Mempo)
Confirmed the location of the Warfan
Mask – temple buried under lake in Sorimizau
Armor – Tetsu Sangaque – far northern end of the main island – battle in the mountains
Nanganata – Hatagaki – (overrun by spiders)
All stuff from the Sons of the old Emporer
It was supposed to have been worn by the Emporer – it would be a symbol
His treason was casting a spell that the Lords son got caught in — it was comical, but the Lord did not think it was funny.
He recognizes the Olde Man. Omimaur is surprised that the 3 old men are still alive! He was the Champion (magic) of the Bright Empire (pre-Iron) in some of the wars. Strong supporter of the Empire. He had no quarrel with the 3
We take him back to the Olde Man (well, maybe). He is endebted to the Big Evil of the campaign, but he could be an asset or source of information (Ptolus coming through here….)
So multiple powers may be looking to make a claim to reunite the old Empire.

Ambush on the way home.

  • A Kakai is with the Bandits! Just a baby one
  • Extra getting beat up
  • The Kakai has a cannon "Don’t hurt it!’ Yells Yamato
  • Yamato shoots an archer (shakes) and kills 2 ninjas.
  • Megumi Casts Deflection and attacks a bandit – misses.
  • Kakai blasts Yoshi and the Necro — its kills the Necro and 2 wounds to Yoshi
  • Ninja misses Yamato. Kills out minion!
  • Extras helpout
  • Yoshi attacks Kakai … wound
  • Yamato gets the Joker and plays an Adventure card to double damage — Kakai down! Takes an Extra with him.
  • Bandits flee!

Yamato saves the Kakai! With a Driver.


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