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Sake Ninjas and Another Duel

* Yusuke … Sake merchant we took to makita.
* Still cooled and icy, 2" of snow. He needs to get back.
* Back into the yami mountains.

On the way.

* A bandit wants our goods…
* Megumi breaks some guys arm that trying to steal the sake
* Archer pops out and shoots Yoshi as he closes with the leader
* Yow is first strike training kills the Face
* Yamato brings up a thorn wall, then shoots the archer.
* Yoshi kills the throned bandit

Someone stealing the sake unseen! Chase rules

* Megumi calls upon the spirits to slow the ninjas (lower trait)
* Ninjas pull a Trick. Yamato -2 on next agility. Miss Yoshi with shurikin
* Extras race ahead, but miss with a bow.
* Ninja falls into a snowbank (obstacle), shakes him
* Yoshi chases ninja into the same snowbank and landed on ninja
* Extras close in to chop them up. Shakes one
* Yamato takes a wild shot, Yoshi whips an axe into snow
* Yamato finds a good spot and barriers one…the raise takes him out of the race (fenced him in)
* Megumi boosts Yoshi trait. Yoshi throws his axe (picked it up along the way). Kills him
* Sake recovered. One captured ninja. Kill him (defiant)

A small inn on the trail.

* Yusuke claims it’s a nice place, but looks ramshakle.
* Interlude
* Yoshi – tragedy .. Bodyguard to what’s her name. Sachiko. She was kniving, obey the lady the lord of the new household. Conflicted, duels, and insult. Had to work against the lord. Questioned the code. Now outside the code, desired to re establish old ways
* Yamato – desire. Blend technology and sake .. A kaki run on sake
* Rest of trip in cool weather.

1000 bu
Plus 2000 bu necklace.

Going back there in the spring, festival (says yusuke). Drunken warrior festival.

Back in The Capital

* Monkey is back! Playfully lifts my rail gun as a joke.
* The main Wise Guy, The Voice of the Three. Wants to hear Yoshi tale. To the old tea house
* Tolds about the sword. Fugiwara was captured and held at Isei. Fugi was high up in the lord that attacked Yoshi’s lord. Word is he committed attrocities.
* Isei . The West Prison. Always 100 prisoners. Keeps worst 100. Always send 10 of for sacrifice to Hinote Shima to keep peace and prosperity for the Empire. (throw them into a volcano). About 200 guards, and 40 support. Prison is 5 levels, 20 prisoners each level,1 guard. Only one escape a few years ago.
* So, either tongue cut out or cumbersome mask.

Common knowledge/ defining interests.

* +2 to home, 0 one other, rest at -2

Isei. Late march is when he would be moved. going now (cool weather)

* Plan: special sake to give Yoshi Silver Tongue
* (use Gagetter, boost trait, and some creative macguiver. Raise gives d6+2.)
* Void walkers…black with red trim. Probably escorting a new prisoner there. Moving fast.
* High security
* “we come bearing a gift and a request of the warden.” come back tomorrow due to the prison exchange.
* Broken table inn.
* Not unheard of a duel, but rare now under the Iron Dynasty
* Warden Ichinoka
* Death: ninja that attacked Lord general during the war.

Black marble faced tower

* Wardens house off to the side.
* Servant is Old Ways guy
* Warden, heavy set in late 50s. Balding. 2 women sitting near by. Probably not really gisha
* Guy is sympathetic to the cause…but nuetral
* convince roll….1,1. Turned into a Social Conflict
* Warden: why should I do this… Voidwalkers.
* Yoshi: honor. 3 successes)
* W:paperwork
* Y: get rid of empire enemy, tie
* W: hassle.
* Y: honor. Big rolls, Bennie pushes it over. Agrees, but favor.

The duel.

* He choose the mask.
* Fugi lunges, First Strike. Dude has parry 9, armor value of 5. Play “you shall not pass” Shakes/wound/ spend Bennie to soak
* fugi misses (completing action)
* Yoshi attacks, raise. big damage, 3 wounds.. Soaks one.
* Fugi fails spirit ,spends last Bennie to act. Hits, 3 wounds…soaks 2, card bonus drops.
* Yoshi comes off shaken, wins init by suite.
* Yoshi hits, 42 damage! Another decapitation

XP 35, rep 25


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