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Parallel Processing

Your loss is my gain!

Migraine selects Professional (Psionics) – a +1 to his Psionics roll (now a total of +2 with the Armor). A bit of flavor text:

*Parallel Processing * [Professional (Psionics)]

As Migraine’s abilities have grown, he has sensed that he has neared his optimal potential in his overall skill (d12). To some degree, this is a bit vexing and he has pondered on ways he can squeeze out any more ability in this area.

The idle, mundane chatter of his companions after a recent battle has given him insight into some new possibilities. He thought to himself, “why aren’t the others even trying to think about what to do next? Why are they not using their brain?” With a flash, Migraine reached out with his mind and found what he was looking for — excess capacity! While some of his companions might have the ability to think deeper, their day to day concerns keeps them from truly focusing their minds. “But their loss is my gain” thought Migraine.

Migraine has spent the last couple of battles experimenting with tapping into his companion’s brains to assigning minor “tasks” associated with his psionics. Much of it has been to enhance targeting during swirling melees. Another task he has planted are spell preparation cycles and the mechanics to transfer it smoothly into his own mind to power the spell. For example, he might use Dorrell’s mind to better target a dangerous foe that he has a better line of sight to, or use Ava’s mind to prep his next Mind Blast, or to start an enhancement of Speer’s fighting abilities before fully entering her mind himself.

While crude, it is effective. He senses his powers working more smoothly and reliably. And there is still plenty of room in those minds for improvement!


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