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Our Reknown Grows

I'm here for someones head...

oshi, from watanabi, from the islands

3 Sages – our aligence

* In the capital.
* In the sake house, doing intense research
* In walks Red Wolves (boo)
* He is asking about us.
* Lt susamu… Out buddy from the adventure deck. Wants to meet. Upscale place.
* At the meeting.
* Private room, other army officers. Gesha serve and entertain.
* He is returning a “favor”
* Lt susamu is of the “new old ways” … Honor is fine up to a point of convience.
* Mountains to the north miyamakori monastery. He saw dishuko. He is the guy that opened the gates that led to Yoshi’s lord death.
* Serving as master of arms.
* Warrior monk monastery
* Discussion on why monks are in mountains.
* After paying back the dishonor, Yoshi might become a monk after thing.
* Yamato misses the subtle hint to leave (hard of hearing)

On the road.

* Yami mrs … Bblack mount range of the north
* Megumi, and Jho and Ichirho
* 50 miles…
* It’s December …damn, it’s cold! And snowy… 5"
* After killingthis guy, the premier sake maker is just up the way
* random encounter…black bear…winter coat!
* Yoshi tries to scare it off (intimidate).fails (very hungry) roads back… No effect. It decides to walk off.
* close to mountains…gets much worse.
* Extra was leading us…“I thought you knew where you were going”
* Sooooo cold….
* Mikita…sake family

We arrive. Yoshi states his intentions. Bluntly

* 2 statues of a white haired woman. Relative the founder…but still odd and out of place. Megume notes that the abbot tried to scale a mountain and found succor in a cave and dreams of his grandmother.
* they bring refreshments
* Abbott quiamato will want to see us.
* Kasunari is the master at arms

Meeting w/ Abbot

* Timing fits for this master of arms to be Dishuku
* He is from the south and is not doing well
* stop to order ’Za
* sleep in a cave (monk cells)
* Another statue of the woman. All poses different. This one praying. Yamato investigates, nothing interesting.
* “am I to understand there are no side dishes?” damn monks

Next day

* Merchant oYusuki. Interested in makita. Yes. Saki deal. The bigger influence is the region the rice is grown.
* People eyeing Yoshi, but his foreign armor is almost s disguise. He sees his man…
* “Oh, it’s on!”
* Opening agility rolls… 11 vs 10, Yoshi springs
* A hard hit that he barely deflects. Dish counters. Minor wound
* Next round, a mean less exchange
* Then dual dueces. Yoshi keeps init and cuts into weak point due to dish overextending(wild attack). 2 wounds. Counter is ineffective.
* Next round. Dish has init. Misses. “finish him” 44 (3 aces on a d12).
* Cuts his head off!
* Sake fixes him off.
* + 2 to rep.
* Monks…they always thought something was up with that guy. Undisciplined
* loot. Armor is heavy.


* Awkward sit. Proven case with blade, but no one to train the monks.
* “a bit of sake usually reveals most secrets”
* Leave after the storm.

Monk says something interesting is dish’s place. Shikato

* Has lords combo katana/wash on wall. give chr bonus to those that know blades
* Wooden box wrapped in silk. Pearl necklace. Megumi thinks there is untapped magic in that pearl.
* Healing potion, 2 wound
* Yoshi is well loved here now.

Yusuki – to makita

* Parlay into a job. Bu for us!
* Afraid of karasu
* Place holds to the Old Ways
* Yamato will stick out. Yoshi will like, except he is a Ronin.
* Iron in soil give the distinct taste. Must get a sample
* The are , however, interested in my still
* We stay at an inn.
* A drinking contest.

Drinking contest

* Drunk rating. 2 plus half vigor
* Used macguiver to make something to null some of the vigor
* Rules are kinda like combat.
* Various Str of sake
* Yamato gives a heroic attempt and beats their champ, but Yoshi wins. However yamato got 2 rounds for fire dragon sakes (-5).
* +1chr here.

XP to 30
Rep to 20


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