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Good Times

Time to jump in the way-back machine

Link to pics!

Flashback for Yoshi

* I’m running a Mage. Using showdown rules
* Backstory… Attack on lords castle. Looks grim, so his lord assigned Yoshi to get his wife clear. We are attacked during our flight.
* They have a Mage as well.
* Arrows of mt fuji.. Cast smite with the elemental focus fire.
* Ah, ninjas!
* Fencing ninjas nearly kill my guy!
* Damn ninjas stole one of mikes bennies! (twist of fate)
* Yoshi hassan chops my first target (WC)
* Archers turn and obliterate Mage and set tree on fire.
* Mike: “always kill the Mage, you can mop up the ninjas later…like orcs”
* Me re ninjas. “pajamas really do not stop weapons….”
* My archers avenge me… Kill the ninja in the tree that knocked my Magee out.
* Yoshi escapes.

My flashback… Kikia

* Win: dramatic task to get the kiki running.
* Yoshi charges into the breech.
* I am also running a kensei

Round 1

* Damn archer hits my kaki! Makes job tougher. So far, the line is holding.
* Migagi help on repair, spend Bennie, and 2 successes. My other group kills two and engages the Mage.

Round 2

* Yoshi gets another joker, but 1,1. But an extra is kicking tail
* Migagi almost anticipates my needs (another plus 2). Spend Bennie and 2 successes. So need 1
* Archer hits and shakes. My guys whale on the Mage.
* Yoshi bottles up by the lake.
* Mage comes off shaken, but spell failed.

Round 3

* Initial. We get all clubs (so my gutsy neg 2)
* They get all high cards and joker (and A Bennie)
* Mage gets burst off, but my Kensai does a matrix dodge
* Nasty hit on Yoshi. Was many, soaked to 1
* Yoshi finishes the WC.
* Get the kaki started!
* Ginshu the Mage!


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