Rogues Gallery

Cave Diving

* Meanwhile, Yoshi off to the NW? Another item from the old dynasty.
* Hiba the bandit leader has it.
* 9 Fingers want him…offer reward!
* Yoshi scouted.
* Red Wolves (army) hit the bandits hard. Indentified key caves, likely lair

* Yoshi stealth roll 16. “mother fucking ninja today!”
* We have Magumi and DDTs (need cover fire). 2 big sticks and 2 bows
* 2 devices… Banish (bag of soybeans) and helmet Darksight)
* 2 caves, one heavily guarded
* We approach the caves as “simple pilgrims”
* Guy comes out, wants toll, 100 bu each (ouch!)
* The impasse results in hostilities
* Yoshi cuts him down without a thought. We enter. The first cave. Second cave appears to be a stable.
* In the first cave, 2 men. They send one to check on a noise, Yoshi cuts him down(first strike)
* Yamato Barrier the other exit (thorns)
* Yoshi rushes in and kills.
* Clearly a little guard room. 21 bu.
* T junction, come upon horses (right).Two guys grooming the horses (5)
* Yoshi Sweeps them. Horses stampede
* 3 guys nearby in a storage area.
* Yoshi rushed up to to sweeps 2 of them
* 3 rd guy, with init, yells out. Yoshi engages. Yamato kills him.

* More come in from the various directions
* An archer shoots at at Yoshi, shakes. Archers counter and killed.
* Brutes from the side.
* Another archer shoots Yoshi,soaks
* 2 run up.yamato shoots one, shakes. Yoshi first strike fails.
* Yoshi kills one
* Magumi kills the one doing an agility trick
* Next round, my guys pretty ineffective this round
* Yoshi kills a fleeing
* Mop up.
* We continue our sweep

* Big area, deserted. Except it’s not. Both Yoshi and Yamato shake from arrows.
* Yoshi charges, tripwire triggers crossbows. Shakes but overcomes it.
* more around the corner
* Yoshi kills a armored guy that rushed up. Yamato shakes the two archers. Everyone comes up. Megume Deflection
* Yamato kills 3, archers kills one. Megume raises Fighting. Yoshi hits armor guy, but he soaks.

* Very large man steps down into back of cave.
* They rush up,baseball at guy killed
* Flurry of arrows, Yamato hits big guy Shakes)
* Yamato hits against Hiba, 1 wound and shaken
* Ninjas!
* Play a card that avoids the Drop, but still Two wounds after the soak.
* Next round, kill the ninja, keep Yoshi fighting up. Yoshi clears a path to Hiba.
* next round, Yamato joker. Put a wound on Hiba (2 hits, needed that joker). Megume deflection, still a hit by the big guy. 2 wounds
* Big hit on Hiba, finishes him. Yoshi mops
* Rest surrender
* Other ninja flees.

XP 45, Rep 30


amerigoV amerigoV

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