Rogues Gallery

The War (pt 1)
Fun after the Feast

[Mark, please correct any names as needed – I have put them in [] and all caps if I was not sure of the right name]

“Humans…” muttered Cor. Johnnson slowly tried to back away so as not to draw Cor’s attention. Turning to face Johnnson, “For the life of me, I cannot not understand why you humans always want to fight each other in these big battles. If you want to rule, you should challenge the chieftain to a duel. It saves your people to fight orcs. So what are you people thinking?!?”

“Er, well….” squeaked Johnnson. But he realized he did not have to answer. The Litorian seemed to be speaking as much to himself as to him. Then Sloth, one of Jeran’s men, came up and whispered something to Cor.

“Get your horse, Johnnson. Try to keep up.” Cor did not appear eager to wait for any question.

Johnnson, Sloth, and Cor headed north by northwest, on a road through the outskirts of the forest. At first Johnnson through they might be going to the Lodge, but Cor continued on the way. This would be the route that Houses Danbury and Dulver would take to return to their lands. It does not look like the [DANBURIES] made it. “I take it this is not good for Robert” said Cor, looking at Sloth. Sloth shook his head. This would be bad. After a short time, they came upon another ambush site in the forest off the main path. Men in Silverhyde armor. Cor did not recognize their scent from the Silverhydes he had met. Then Cor saw a second trail cutting through the woods. While the first one even Johnnson could follow, this one was subtle.

“Johnnson, we go.” While Sloth was backtracking and investigating both ambush scenes, Cor quickly pressed on deeper into the forest. How can someone so big move so fast yet not make a sound was perplexing to Johnnson. If Cor was smaller, he would have no chance of following the hunter. After many hours, Johnnson could barely move from the exertion of the day. Cor looked like he had just awoken refreshed and ready to go. They were at the northwest tip of the forest – the old tower. It appeared there were a score of men about. Cor had that look in his eye, a look that would probably get Johnnson killed. But then more troops arrived. After about an hour, most of the troops headed out on horseback to the east, likely to Silverhyde lands. Mostly heavy knights, but some light cavalry as well. “Lets leave them a message for when they get back, eh Johnnson?”

It was quick and bloody. The [DULVER] men remaining in the tower stood no chance. Johnnson had stayed outside and heard the screams. Given the amount of screaming, it would not surprise Johnnson that Cor’s feline heritage of toying with their prey was at work. Cor then walked out of the gate as if he simply was on a stroll. “Let see if we can get a few of these horsemen before they get to Heldren. I know a short cut!”

Johnnson could barely watch as Cor tore into sizable scouting unit of light cavalry. It was not only because of the ferocity, but Johnnson was just exhausted from the breakneck travel. Hopefully, they could pull back and rest a bit. “We must get back to Robert. The fun is over for now.”

“Fun! Are you fracking kidding me!?! You crazy cat, I am not moving an inch!” thought Johnnson. But fortunately, they did come back to where his horse was. Sloth seemed to have given up waiting for them. But he was so tired he nearly fell out of his saddle a couple of times on the way back.


Four days later Johnnson was lying exhausted in the cellar of the blacksmith in Heldren. As the disorganized forces arrayed against Robert tried to take the town and surround the Tower, Cor had come out of the Tower with a small group to take the fight to Robert’s enemies. When Johnnson had asked “why are we going out there to fight?” Cor shrugged and answered “I need some room to maneuver. Besides, you humans all look alike to me and I want to be killing the right ones.” That was a bit less than reassuring. But Cor was a demon on the field. Those that were not shredded by Cor were feathered by Mor. Johnnson merely had to help funnel enemies to Cor and it was over for them. By the third day of fighting, whatever part of Helden Cor stalked generally was tense with fear. By day four, they did not even have to get back to the Tower. The enemy steered well clear of Cor’s area. Johnnson and his men focused on getting the remaining townsfolk out of danger.

“Johnnson, get ready. They come again.” But much more fighting remained. Robert’s enemies were many, it appeared.

The Hunt

Cor paced about as the nobles and retainers gathered for the hunt. This was not something Cor was used to – hunting is a personal event. While there might be other hunters, they are always working on concert. Every hunt has its own character and flow of events. This “hunt” was to lead people to a spot and let them kill something. But Robert asked and it seemed important to him. It reminded him of when Zortan, the Pack Leader would ask something of Cor. As a matter of fact, Zortan had given him a personal task that took him on a trip north just before the orcs attacked his village….but that is another story.

Cor decided on the focus of the hunt. Ezera the Grizzly would be the target. Cor had hunted with Ezera a number of times. She was a powerful and cunning hunter. But something changed about her recently. He did see her take down a troll in the area and since that time she had changed. Meaner, larger, and ranging farther. She was becoming a threat to others in and around the forest. This sadden Cor, but he figured it would serve two purposes. The first would be a benefit to the forest. The other would be to give the nobles something to remember.

Going deep into the forest, the group came upon Oak Bridge, so named after the nearby oak grove. Cor spotted a large hunting lizard sunning on a rock. Cor paused the group – these always come in pairs. But it was too late – its mate sprung from the undergrowth and bit Lord Barnell on the leg. Very unfortunate, as the bite of the lizard can result in a diseased wound. The fight was rather quick, but Cor was a bit put off by it all. There was no coordination with this pack. It mess with his Chi and he did not react well. He even thought he heard a few rumblings behind his back about his so-called fearsome reputation. Lord Barnell had to be taken back to the camp, then eventually to the castle to get his wounds treated.

Lord Marsten came over and asked about the Hag. Grateful for the distraction, Cor happily engaged Lord Marsten with all he know of her. He was sure Robert would be pleased that he helped make a connection there.

Back to the hunt, Johnnson called out that he saw the bear. Snapping back to focus, Cor and the group advanced across the bridge, only stopping momentarily as Fritz collected the Lizard eggs from under the bridge. Then there was an unearthly howl! It was a mix of a bear growl, a yowl of pain, and…something else. Then Cor saw them – some huge demonic panther! While feline in appearance, their movements were like nothing he had ever seen. He sensed two of them trying to flank the group. The hunters had become the hunted!

Things went bad from there. As Cor focused, he completely missed a third foul beast that was lurking in a large oak just off the path that Cor had advanced to. If it were not for the steel breastplate and a bit of luck, the monster would have ripped viscous wounds into Cor. The three monstrosities closed in, dividing up the group. The nobles and retainers, to their credit, held the line and fought hard but their weapons merely bounce off the otherworldly hides of these beasts. Even a powerful slash to the head from Cor barely phased this devilish feline. It was like hitting one of the nearby old oaks – bone-jarring with the target not even noticing. The cries of “fall back” emanated from the Lords. The beasts all roared as one as they sensed their prey would fall in short order.

But that was not how it would end.

Cor center his Ki. Pure calm came over his features. In a burst of speed that none could believe, Cor ripped upwards and put his left claw up through the underside of the monster’s jaw and ripped out its brain, purple blood spraying all over Johnnson. Cor dashed to the center beast, using his right claw to direct the creature’s head towards the ground. He then smashed down through the top with an believable burst of strength, crushing its head. Cor then leaped to the third fiend with his claws as extended beyond what even he thought was possible. Slashing down as he landed his right claws sliced through the creature’s neck with a whisper and then he tumbled to the side.

All was quiet for a split second. Cor was on one knee, with right claw still raised hit. Slowly, all three beast fell over simultaneously. Dead.

“I stand corrected.” Cor heard someone whisper, his honor restored.

The nobles eagerly agreed the hunt was a success. Their were mix reactions about the trophies – the bear clearly had changed and who knows where those feline demons came from. There was a big celebration at the Lodge and the nobles left for the other events back at the castle that Cor had no interest in. Over the next day or so, Cor became deeply disturbed by what he had encountered. Never a big thinker, Cor tends to brood as he slowly tries to work things out. Maybe the troll meat was not the source of Ezera transformation.

Cor reluctantly attended the big Feast. Word of his exploits had clearly spread. Cor noticed that while people were always a bit skittish around him, now it was a mixture of awe and fear. Only Axe’s plain spoken and eager questions about the hunt rang true to Cor. She was a true warrior, one he could relate to.

All this put Cor into a deeper brooding mood – a mood which very well may have saved his life. During the height of the feast a huge roast boar was place on the table. In an sullen mood, Cor only picked at meat. It did smell a touch odd but the cooks as such events are known to do weird things (in Cor’s mind, anyway) when preparing the food. Raw or lightly roasted is fine, why sprinkle dried leaves on everything? But someone must have picked a bad plant – everyone suddenly got sick! Cor threw up what little was in his stomach and felt immediately better. But that could not be said for all.

Then, all hell broke loose…

Kinetic Absorption


Kinetic Absorption is the ability to psychically take the kinetic energy out of anything. This can be used to slow down opponents, or absorb kinetic energy and slow down a fall that would otherwise kill you. One with this power could even lessen the blow of any object hurled at him and withstand the force of any blow, as it would provide no force after the kinetic energy has been taken from it.

Migraine uses this to less the blows of anything that might hurt him. He can also use this to slow the effects of poisons and other harmful effects on the body as he prevents the dangerous substances from circulating in his body

Game Terms
Increase Vigor by one die type, which also raises his toughness.

The Helmet
Return of the Empire

First time in a long time.

XP 50
Rep 35

Hmmm, do I need to add Elan to the Advancement for Yamato?

Gun: 20
Still: 20
Ring: 10 (5)
Megume: 20 (18)
Adventure Cards
Mike – Extra Damage, Pick Up entry Edge
Mine – Ace (auto hit with a raise), Power Surge (PPs back)

Start out in a temple – Central country – out and away from the Capital
4 minions Jho, Bho, Mho, and Lahry, +Megume
In Media Res
The Olde Man –  Was a temple dedicated to the Olde Ways…looks like the very one ways given the boney folks. We are looking for a ceremonial Helmet
Megume prayed in the circle to find the helmut, but sensed something else. Then these dudes appeared.
Yoshi first strike, shatters a skeleton
Some evil Necromancer casts Fear… but we are battle hardened veterans. He steps into a circle
Megume Divine Favor on Yoshi, imbuing him with an ancient holy warrior spirt (Champion Edge)
Yamato Ring of Thorns to section off some of the attackers
Dog moves to Yoshi and is First Strike
Skeletons are Shaking our Extras
Yoshi and Extras
Extras takes one down, shakes one
Yoshi on the big Skeleton…smash!! Makes an end run for the Necro
Round 2
Yamato – Empowered Bold 2 wounds
Megume wild attacks a skeleton and smashes it
Extras get a few Shakens, one breaks off to intercept Yoshi … First Strike — obliterated….
Extras Take down some Skeletons 
Yoshi runs up to the Necro, the Circle weakens his attack… 
Necro – comes off Shaken… Puppet!  Yoshi has to spend a Bennie to overcome.
Round 3
Extras kill one skeleton and rush up to help Yoshi
Yoshi Kills the Necro!
Necro’s name …. Onimuar
A court wizard executed for Treason years ago. Before the Iron Dynasty.
Local Warlord guys
So we dig around to find out what is going on at this temple
Megume thinks a Corruption in the temple led to the creation of this Foulness.
Some old priest markings on some of the skeletons
Temple abandoned as their ways are out of favor
Scrolls on the Necro

In Search of the Corruption

There is a hole in the wall, into a cave. Hole looks recently created
A dragon statue overlooks a water entry. Dead bodies. Glowing water’
The statue Waivaan – Lessor, ugly dragon. Wyvernish. The Gloam is another name – associated with the Veil between the world and Afterworld
Bodies are dead less than a week. Arranged in sacrificial pattern. Likely to raise them as zombies. Might be more holy
We recall now from our travels here that a Sleeping Sickness had struck the area. Monks went off to investigate. Monks of the Olde Way. Sleeping Sickness eventually leads to Coma
The water may have something to do with the sacrifice
Water level looks like it was higher in the past. Only a trickle comes out of the mouth of the statue. It only glows when it hits the pool.
Taking a cup of water…it glows but fades after a few minutes. Does not glow if directly collected from statue…pool is the source of the glow
We all know the helmet is in the Pool :)
Glows brighter at head, but does glow throughout
One of the Extra’s recognizes a body – Magistrate Myu – He would NOT wear this garb — he is of a finer sensibilites.
There are a number of bodies that are not “Monks”
Townfolk mixed — some tried to care for those with sickness, other abandoned in the woods nearby.
Village name is  Jaijan
Dredge the water – found two interesting spots.
Dip a body in the water…the pool really lights up! Some color comes back to the hand.
Yoshi throws the Magistrate into the Pool
Pool is like Sunlight…seems to knit wounds back together. Megume thinks we should get the body out. He can do a ritual that might revive the Magistrate.
Yoshi pulls the body out. The Magistrate starts to Gasp  for Air.
Yamato tries to help him, but (1/1). The Sake and the water does NOT mix well — Zombie!
It takes a free swing at Yamato, but does not beat toughness. Yoshi chops it.
We try another as Yamato thinks it was the Sake / Water mix.
We save this one…
Name Raitoro – Farmer
From Jaijan
Attacked in middle of the night. Just in the hut
Did NOT have the sleeping sickiness – daughter did.
Village was attacked. Date was a week ago (3 or 4 days later we came through)
Nightmare – pile of bones attacked
Yamato keeps Raitoro from throwing the Magistrate in the Pool (the guy hated the Magistrate – WON opposed strength)
The rough areas are two small statues – they face each other under water.
Saved 4/5 of the others
Nodan the Farmer says a guy showed up with Skeletons and was marched here. Others were knocked out. Carried by the Monk guys. They then opened the wall — it was opened from the Church into the cave
Their prayers increased the water flow (it was almost empty)
One of the skeletons was ordered in and it shattered the skeleton. (note the Monks were alive then). The Necro got pissed off and basicallly killed everyone 
So Necro  wanted to come back to life, but Monks either did not give it to him or he misread what the powers could do.

We search the rest of the temple — each corner has different stonework (probably the hole in the wall was the same).
Megume OK with digging out the other 3 corners. Needs to find out what is going on
Other 3 are the same, but one has Red Water, another Blue, and the last is another Shade of Green.
The Necro might have been looking for the Red one. The other two he is unsure of their purpose
We do find the Helmet in the Other Green Room.

We throw the Necro in the Red Pool
The body revives
Onimaur is living again
Book was unclear (“dragon in the corner”). Witch King has the book back (the country the north – island)
The Deal – Murdered many years ago – the Witch King found me because of my rage.
Witch King offered book in exchange for investigating fallen areas such as this Temple for lost magics
The Helmet was one of the things. Warfan, set of Armor, Masks worn by Samuri (Mempo)
Confirmed the location of the Warfan
Mask – temple buried under lake in Sorimizau
Armor – Tetsu Sangaque – far northern end of the main island – battle in the mountains
Nanganata – Hatagaki – (overrun by spiders)
All stuff from the Sons of the old Emporer
It was supposed to have been worn by the Emporer – it would be a symbol
His treason was casting a spell that the Lords son got caught in — it was comical, but the Lord did not think it was funny.
He recognizes the Olde Man. Omimaur is surprised that the 3 old men are still alive! He was the Champion (magic) of the Bright Empire (pre-Iron) in some of the wars. Strong supporter of the Empire. He had no quarrel with the 3
We take him back to the Olde Man (well, maybe). He is endebted to the Big Evil of the campaign, but he could be an asset or source of information (Ptolus coming through here….)
So multiple powers may be looking to make a claim to reunite the old Empire.

Ambush on the way home.

  • A Kakai is with the Bandits! Just a baby one
  • Extra getting beat up
  • The Kakai has a cannon "Don’t hurt it!’ Yells Yamato
  • Yamato shoots an archer (shakes) and kills 2 ninjas.
  • Megumi Casts Deflection and attacks a bandit – misses.
  • Kakai blasts Yoshi and the Necro — its kills the Necro and 2 wounds to Yoshi
  • Ninja misses Yamato. Kills out minion!
  • Extras helpout
  • Yoshi attacks Kakai … wound
  • Yamato gets the Joker and plays an Adventure card to double damage — Kakai down! Takes an Extra with him.
  • Bandits flee!

Yamato saves the Kakai! With a Driver.

Parallel Processing
Your loss is my gain!

Migraine selects Professional (Psionics) – a +1 to his Psionics roll (now a total of +2 with the Armor). A bit of flavor text:

*Parallel Processing * [Professional (Psionics)]

As Migraine’s abilities have grown, he has sensed that he has neared his optimal potential in his overall skill (d12). To some degree, this is a bit vexing and he has pondered on ways he can squeeze out any more ability in this area.

The idle, mundane chatter of his companions after a recent battle has given him insight into some new possibilities. He thought to himself, “why aren’t the others even trying to think about what to do next? Why are they not using their brain?” With a flash, Migraine reached out with his mind and found what he was looking for — excess capacity! While some of his companions might have the ability to think deeper, their day to day concerns keeps them from truly focusing their minds. “But their loss is my gain” thought Migraine.

Migraine has spent the last couple of battles experimenting with tapping into his companion’s brains to assigning minor “tasks” associated with his psionics. Much of it has been to enhance targeting during swirling melees. Another task he has planted are spell preparation cycles and the mechanics to transfer it smoothly into his own mind to power the spell. For example, he might use Dorrell’s mind to better target a dangerous foe that he has a better line of sight to, or use Ava’s mind to prep his next Mind Blast, or to start an enhancement of Speer’s fighting abilities before fully entering her mind himself.

While crude, it is effective. He senses his powers working more smoothly and reliably. And there is still plenty of room in those minds for improvement!

Cave Diving

* Meanwhile, Yoshi off to the NW? Another item from the old dynasty.
* Hiba the bandit leader has it.
* 9 Fingers want him…offer reward!
* Yoshi scouted.
* Red Wolves (army) hit the bandits hard. Indentified key caves, likely lair

* Yoshi stealth roll 16. “mother fucking ninja today!”
* We have Magumi and DDTs (need cover fire). 2 big sticks and 2 bows
* 2 devices… Banish (bag of soybeans) and helmet Darksight)
* 2 caves, one heavily guarded
* We approach the caves as “simple pilgrims”
* Guy comes out, wants toll, 100 bu each (ouch!)
* The impasse results in hostilities
* Yoshi cuts him down without a thought. We enter. The first cave. Second cave appears to be a stable.
* In the first cave, 2 men. They send one to check on a noise, Yoshi cuts him down(first strike)
* Yamato Barrier the other exit (thorns)
* Yoshi rushes in and kills.
* Clearly a little guard room. 21 bu.
* T junction, come upon horses (right).Two guys grooming the horses (5)
* Yoshi Sweeps them. Horses stampede
* 3 guys nearby in a storage area.
* Yoshi rushed up to to sweeps 2 of them
* 3 rd guy, with init, yells out. Yoshi engages. Yamato kills him.

* More come in from the various directions
* An archer shoots at at Yoshi, shakes. Archers counter and killed.
* Brutes from the side.
* Another archer shoots Yoshi,soaks
* 2 run up.yamato shoots one, shakes. Yoshi first strike fails.
* Yoshi kills one
* Magumi kills the one doing an agility trick
* Next round, my guys pretty ineffective this round
* Yoshi kills a fleeing
* Mop up.
* We continue our sweep

* Big area, deserted. Except it’s not. Both Yoshi and Yamato shake from arrows.
* Yoshi charges, tripwire triggers crossbows. Shakes but overcomes it.
* more around the corner
* Yoshi kills a armored guy that rushed up. Yamato shakes the two archers. Everyone comes up. Megume Deflection
* Yamato kills 3, archers kills one. Megume raises Fighting. Yoshi hits armor guy, but he soaks.

* Very large man steps down into back of cave.
* They rush up,baseball at guy killed
* Flurry of arrows, Yamato hits big guy Shakes)
* Yamato hits against Hiba, 1 wound and shaken
* Ninjas!
* Play a card that avoids the Drop, but still Two wounds after the soak.
* Next round, kill the ninja, keep Yoshi fighting up. Yoshi clears a path to Hiba.
* next round, Yamato joker. Put a wound on Hiba (2 hits, needed that joker). Megume deflection, still a hit by the big guy. 2 wounds
* Big hit on Hiba, finishes him. Yoshi mops
* Rest surrender
* Other ninja flees.

XP 45, Rep 30

The Nine Fingers Fan

Nizumiiru… One of the 3

* Meet the other pcs for the night. Rory’s first session.
* Digger . Ninja. Katso
* Big dog. Samurai. tree trunk
* Rory. Samurai. Something dragon
* Yoshi is stoned on a experimental sake
* Go to Inan. Fed ex. A warfan from the previous dynasty
* Arata is the contact
* go by warhorse and wagon.
* Streetwise, rory gets multiple raises. Used to be in the military.has raised the black-market in this area. Raised failed since they were always tipped off. Run by 9 fingers (yakuza). Tough guys.
* We might separate the samurai from ninja and ganzo.
* Magist hanario. Woman, here because she spoke out, but is still favored by the lord.
* In the market, we notice that there is Arata. Missing
* The samurai visit the magistrate, they seem to have more honor than locals.
* She has not heard of Arata.
* They set up shop there.
* Back at the market, streetwise. They have heard of him, but not for a few weeks. He is from the other side of the mountains.
* Samauri in the market. Someone tries to cut their purse (caught). 7 year old. Missing left pinkie. Now, a duel…but it dissipates. The ninja tracks the 9 fingers in he crowd. There is a particular stall selling drugs.
* Night passes.

* The sake wagon…

* Next morning. At the inn, Nobo. We are off.
* To a house. Very nervous. An older woman. Arata, been in a fight. Special sake heals some. 9 fingers stole it. Do you have any enemies? None immediately.
* Big dog wins the sparing over Rory.
* We plot. Initial stake to understand their escape patterns. Rory back trying to fix the local samauri
* She will not let those two weak samurai fight for us. Political reasons
* 9 fingers basically hang at the sake house. One guy goes into the foothills
* Yamato makes an attachment to the rail gun the fires out a net ( Gadgeteer)
* The samauri will go to the stall and shake things up.

* Big dog opens with a decapitation
* Yamato drops one.
* The armor of the samauri protects them as they cut up the 9 fingers.
* Yamato takes another down. Ninija sneaks.
* Some guy joins the fight on our side
* Yamato kills yet another…
* Ninja shirking… Hits And shakes
* Rory kills his.
* Big captures the last.
* Satoshi .. He hates the thieves. They take half.
* Interrogation
* Fan with Sorro
* Also a set of caves to stash loot.

* To the caves.
* Ambush, they miss badly. Yamato draws a 2 of clubs and a Joker :) one dead ambusher.
* Big charges into the cave. Shakes one
* they fire ineffectiely
* Ninja moves up to shirking, no effect.
* rory steps into e heart of the fray. They in both have first strike. Armor protects. Shakes one
* Yamato steps up and hits. The Void finishes him off (Eeeevil)
* More deeper in the cave.
* Big dog slices one up
* Then draws joker…big hit, shakes
* Yamato finishes him off.
* Enemy ineffective

* Then a big ass Oni shows up
* He sweeps his guys and our samauri
* Skewers big dog 8 wounds. Dead. But action card … Clone
* ninja kills lackey
* Yamato uses the net on the Oni. Raise!
* Ninja on hold
* Rory wild attacks, 17 damage, 1 wound
* Clone pops up and does 21 damage…soaks 1 wound. 2 total
* With a Bennie, the ONI breaks free to attack…but a card stuns everyone. Ninja
* Yamato . Still shaken and no bennies
* Rory, same.
* Ninja, called shot. +2 damage… Still absorbed
* Big. Still shaken… damage
* ONI on the rampage…sweeps with a raise… Big shake and wound, rory same
* Samauri still Got off shaken, but not act
* ONI hits, rory takes a shake
* Yamato hits, but not beat toughness
* Ninja agility trick…success
* Big wild attacks… Shakes
* Yamato called shot and kills!

And we get the war fan.

XP 40 Rep 27

Sake Ninjas and Another Duel

* Yusuke … Sake merchant we took to makita.
* Still cooled and icy, 2" of snow. He needs to get back.
* Back into the yami mountains.

On the way.

* A bandit wants our goods…
* Megumi breaks some guys arm that trying to steal the sake
* Archer pops out and shoots Yoshi as he closes with the leader
* Yow is first strike training kills the Face
* Yamato brings up a thorn wall, then shoots the archer.
* Yoshi kills the throned bandit

Someone stealing the sake unseen! Chase rules

* Megumi calls upon the spirits to slow the ninjas (lower trait)
* Ninjas pull a Trick. Yamato -2 on next agility. Miss Yoshi with shurikin
* Extras race ahead, but miss with a bow.
* Ninja falls into a snowbank (obstacle), shakes him
* Yoshi chases ninja into the same snowbank and landed on ninja
* Extras close in to chop them up. Shakes one
* Yamato takes a wild shot, Yoshi whips an axe into snow
* Yamato finds a good spot and barriers one…the raise takes him out of the race (fenced him in)
* Megumi boosts Yoshi trait. Yoshi throws his axe (picked it up along the way). Kills him
* Sake recovered. One captured ninja. Kill him (defiant)

A small inn on the trail.

* Yusuke claims it’s a nice place, but looks ramshakle.
* Interlude
* Yoshi – tragedy .. Bodyguard to what’s her name. Sachiko. She was kniving, obey the lady the lord of the new household. Conflicted, duels, and insult. Had to work against the lord. Questioned the code. Now outside the code, desired to re establish old ways
* Yamato – desire. Blend technology and sake .. A kaki run on sake
* Rest of trip in cool weather.

1000 bu
Plus 2000 bu necklace.

Going back there in the spring, festival (says yusuke). Drunken warrior festival.

Back in The Capital

* Monkey is back! Playfully lifts my rail gun as a joke.
* The main Wise Guy, The Voice of the Three. Wants to hear Yoshi tale. To the old tea house
* Tolds about the sword. Fugiwara was captured and held at Isei. Fugi was high up in the lord that attacked Yoshi’s lord. Word is he committed attrocities.
* Isei . The West Prison. Always 100 prisoners. Keeps worst 100. Always send 10 of for sacrifice to Hinote Shima to keep peace and prosperity for the Empire. (throw them into a volcano). About 200 guards, and 40 support. Prison is 5 levels, 20 prisoners each level,1 guard. Only one escape a few years ago.
* So, either tongue cut out or cumbersome mask.

Common knowledge/ defining interests.

* +2 to home, 0 one other, rest at -2

Isei. Late march is when he would be moved. going now (cool weather)

* Plan: special sake to give Yoshi Silver Tongue
* (use Gagetter, boost trait, and some creative macguiver. Raise gives d6+2.)
* Void walkers…black with red trim. Probably escorting a new prisoner there. Moving fast.
* High security
* “we come bearing a gift and a request of the warden.” come back tomorrow due to the prison exchange.
* Broken table inn.
* Not unheard of a duel, but rare now under the Iron Dynasty
* Warden Ichinoka
* Death: ninja that attacked Lord general during the war.

Black marble faced tower

* Wardens house off to the side.
* Servant is Old Ways guy
* Warden, heavy set in late 50s. Balding. 2 women sitting near by. Probably not really gisha
* Guy is sympathetic to the cause…but nuetral
* convince roll….1,1. Turned into a Social Conflict
* Warden: why should I do this… Voidwalkers.
* Yoshi: honor. 3 successes)
* W:paperwork
* Y: get rid of empire enemy, tie
* W: hassle.
* Y: honor. Big rolls, Bennie pushes it over. Agrees, but favor.

The duel.

* He choose the mask.
* Fugi lunges, First Strike. Dude has parry 9, armor value of 5. Play “you shall not pass” Shakes/wound/ spend Bennie to soak
* fugi misses (completing action)
* Yoshi attacks, raise. big damage, 3 wounds.. Soaks one.
* Fugi fails spirit ,spends last Bennie to act. Hits, 3 wounds…soaks 2, card bonus drops.
* Yoshi comes off shaken, wins init by suite.
* Yoshi hits, 42 damage! Another decapitation

XP 35, rep 25
Our Reknown Grows
I'm here for someones head...

oshi, from watanabi, from the islands

3 Sages – our aligence

* In the capital.
* In the sake house, doing intense research
* In walks Red Wolves (boo)
* He is asking about us.
* Lt susamu… Out buddy from the adventure deck. Wants to meet. Upscale place.
* At the meeting.
* Private room, other army officers. Gesha serve and entertain.
* He is returning a “favor”
* Lt susamu is of the “new old ways” … Honor is fine up to a point of convience.
* Mountains to the north miyamakori monastery. He saw dishuko. He is the guy that opened the gates that led to Yoshi’s lord death.
* Serving as master of arms.
* Warrior monk monastery
* Discussion on why monks are in mountains.
* After paying back the dishonor, Yoshi might become a monk after thing.
* Yamato misses the subtle hint to leave (hard of hearing)

On the road.

* Yami mrs … Bblack mount range of the north
* Megumi, and Jho and Ichirho
* 50 miles…
* It’s December …damn, it’s cold! And snowy… 5"
* After killingthis guy, the premier sake maker is just up the way
* random encounter…black bear…winter coat!
* Yoshi tries to scare it off (intimidate).fails (very hungry) roads back… No effect. It decides to walk off.
* close to mountains…gets much worse.
* Extra was leading us…“I thought you knew where you were going”
* Sooooo cold….
* Mikita…sake family

We arrive. Yoshi states his intentions. Bluntly

* 2 statues of a white haired woman. Relative the founder…but still odd and out of place. Megume notes that the abbot tried to scale a mountain and found succor in a cave and dreams of his grandmother.
* they bring refreshments
* Abbott quiamato will want to see us.
* Kasunari is the master at arms

Meeting w/ Abbot

* Timing fits for this master of arms to be Dishuku
* He is from the south and is not doing well
* stop to order ’Za
* sleep in a cave (monk cells)
* Another statue of the woman. All poses different. This one praying. Yamato investigates, nothing interesting.
* “am I to understand there are no side dishes?” damn monks

Next day

* Merchant oYusuki. Interested in makita. Yes. Saki deal. The bigger influence is the region the rice is grown.
* People eyeing Yoshi, but his foreign armor is almost s disguise. He sees his man…
* “Oh, it’s on!”
* Opening agility rolls… 11 vs 10, Yoshi springs
* A hard hit that he barely deflects. Dish counters. Minor wound
* Next round, a mean less exchange
* Then dual dueces. Yoshi keeps init and cuts into weak point due to dish overextending(wild attack). 2 wounds. Counter is ineffective.
* Next round. Dish has init. Misses. “finish him” 44 (3 aces on a d12).
* Cuts his head off!
* Sake fixes him off.
* + 2 to rep.
* Monks…they always thought something was up with that guy. Undisciplined
* loot. Armor is heavy.


* Awkward sit. Proven case with blade, but no one to train the monks.
* “a bit of sake usually reveals most secrets”
* Leave after the storm.

Monk says something interesting is dish’s place. Shikato

* Has lords combo katana/wash on wall. give chr bonus to those that know blades
* Wooden box wrapped in silk. Pearl necklace. Megumi thinks there is untapped magic in that pearl.
* Healing potion, 2 wound
* Yoshi is well loved here now.

Yusuki – to makita

* Parlay into a job. Bu for us!
* Afraid of karasu
* Place holds to the Old Ways
* Yamato will stick out. Yoshi will like, except he is a Ronin.
* Iron in soil give the distinct taste. Must get a sample
* The are , however, interested in my still
* We stay at an inn.
* A drinking contest.

Drinking contest

* Drunk rating. 2 plus half vigor
* Used macguiver to make something to null some of the vigor
* Rules are kinda like combat.
* Various Str of sake
* Yamato gives a heroic attempt and beats their champ, but Yoshi wins. However yamato got 2 rounds for fire dragon sakes (-5).
* +1chr here.

XP to 30
Rep to 20

Good Times
Time to jump in the way-back machine

Link to pics!

Flashback for Yoshi

* I’m running a Mage. Using showdown rules
* Backstory… Attack on lords castle. Looks grim, so his lord assigned Yoshi to get his wife clear. We are attacked during our flight.
* They have a Mage as well.
* Arrows of mt fuji.. Cast smite with the elemental focus fire.
* Ah, ninjas!
* Fencing ninjas nearly kill my guy!
* Damn ninjas stole one of mikes bennies! (twist of fate)
* Yoshi hassan chops my first target (WC)
* Archers turn and obliterate Mage and set tree on fire.
* Mike: “always kill the Mage, you can mop up the ninjas later…like orcs”
* Me re ninjas. “pajamas really do not stop weapons….”
* My archers avenge me… Kill the ninja in the tree that knocked my Magee out.
* Yoshi escapes.

My flashback… Kikia

* Win: dramatic task to get the kiki running.
* Yoshi charges into the breech.
* I am also running a kensei

Round 1

* Damn archer hits my kaki! Makes job tougher. So far, the line is holding.
* Migagi help on repair, spend Bennie, and 2 successes. My other group kills two and engages the Mage.

Round 2

* Yoshi gets another joker, but 1,1. But an extra is kicking tail
* Migagi almost anticipates my needs (another plus 2). Spend Bennie and 2 successes. So need 1
* Archer hits and shakes. My guys whale on the Mage.
* Yoshi bottles up by the lake.
* Mage comes off shaken, but spell failed.

Round 3

* Initial. We get all clubs (so my gutsy neg 2)
* They get all high cards and joker (and A Bennie)
* Mage gets burst off, but my Kensai does a matrix dodge
* Nasty hit on Yoshi. Was many, soaked to 1
* Yoshi finishes the WC.
* Get the kaki started!
* Ginshu the Mage!


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